5.6.14-3p2 Release Package

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ADTRAN Gfast 5.6.14-3p2 Release Package

The following are the software files associated with this Gfast package release.

Description Software Version Release Date Release Notes Download Hash
Solution Release Notes 5.6.14-3p2 3/28/22 Release Notes
DPU Software SDX22XX- 3/28/22 Release Notes Software SHA256: EB3FBE859CE3CB743DE19B9C3EA89122F90383A33960669C2C31FA87BE92A928
ONT SFP 610s for 6xxVG DPUs 610s-V1.2.6 3/28/22 Release Notes Software SHA256: 76B6C9AC8E058C4B18A6251493A3C695DFA250777B0D23395B0D589F54B4CD23
PMAA Software PMAAV1.6.14.002 9/20/21 Software SHA256: 79C9B4215180C51A31E3968EFA4F70C272CCB810E7FD3F583F99CF0AE07E5151
SDX Mosaic CP Installer SDX MCP 2021.2 Installer 1/14/22

Not yet available

Software SHA256: B324412AE01C1824DD9E004351459FDA3CA0FCBC2E44E479AC390F076CAC05C9
Mosaic CP Patch Cloud Platform Universal Inspect Workflow 2/22/22

Bundled with SDX MCP Installer Above
Device Upgrade Supervisor device-upgrade-supervisor-2.0.45 7/12/21

Software SHA256: DD18FC9E70DF852366E50F0DAB9FA8ED3D691781C3A0E613AEF04E9B457EB3B1
CPE 422G WM 17.03_422G_CFE_20211021 11/26/21

Not yet available

Software SHA256: FC28F297DF49D55B663C1279794030E99C065BF30A965407697347D9E1FD1BB0
CPE 423G/GC T10.17_423G_20210607 7/12/21

Not yet available

Software SHA256: 000EC4A4896D0D08E63F4D0B08B1A1C3DDD60E8AC644EE56556E3E8687A7D16B
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