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ADTRAN Gfast 5.6.15-3 Release Package

The following are the software files associated with this Gfast package release.

Description Software Version Release Date Release Notes Download Hash
Mosaic CP Gfast Plugin 3.0.1174.1 3/18/22 Not yet available Software SHA256: FE9A8B632889C6E3A71B577E7D11F4D6E3597CE49B8637E40CCFA0FDCA3641B3
ADTRAN DPU SW SDX22XX-21.3 12/3/21 Not yet available Software SHA256: D93905671790F54704C3079EDDFA08534353F46CF2A10031B874261CABD83446
PMAA Software PMAAV1.6.15.001 12/3/21 Not yet available Software SHA256: C7D7495A394D4A04F8A23DDE82AF18F0256E81043818B3484F7CA0E3612CDEEA
STaT-App stat-app-1.0.36-0 12/3/21 Software SHA256: 2A6D84D87FC4E5F4447141813B545754660A41DED33947D04B09A7DD9266B459
SDX Mosaic CP Installer SDX 21.4.1 12/3/21 Not yet available Software SHA256: EB7CA823F7A39A2B8B34674DB34AC3B073183BCEEEAB4DE1B6A36FAC98409049
Device Upgrade Supervisor device-upgrade-supervisor-2.0.45 12/3/21 Software SHA256: DD18FC9E70DF852366E50F0DAB9FA8ED3D691781C3A0E613AEF04E9B457EB3B1
CPE 422G WM T14.53_422G_20210223.img 5/10/21 Not yet available Software SHA256: EF6CE9B06EB61FD59661DCA492A7517D37B6BCE810237C7E037EEA29725EACA8
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