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ADTRAN Gfast 5.6.15-4 Release Package

The following are the software files associated with this Gfast package release.

Description Software Version Release Date Release Notes Download Hash
Solution Release Notes 5.6.15-4 5/6/22 Release Notes
ADTRAN DPU SW SDX22XX-21.3.2 5/6/22 Release Notes Software SHA256: e914f39a6cebfa9572eb2a70145af87ff591ad910f27140893c70360e5dff70e
PMAA Software PMAAV1.6.16 5/6/22 Release Notes Software SHA256: 1c1c3b70464b4e0127320f06283cd6ab32362a16551fc7ac9971d0ad2667a158
SDX Mosaic CP Installer SDX 22.2.718-4 5/6/22 Release Notes Software SHA256: 89c5cec5d6208039942fce1fce2c3f50964c9523f55241e9a407e15737ca09a2
G.fast PMAA STaT-App stat-app-1.0.46-0.x86_64.rpm 5/6/22 Not yet available Software SHA256: 6543ea5fdbd51956394562ad371e1bfa1deab11d9f1d529eba716821ca77189b
CPE 422G WM T14.53_422G_20210223.img 5/10/21 Not yet available Software SHA256: EF6CE9B06EB61FD59661DCA492A7517D37B6BCE810237C7E037EEA29725EACA8
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