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Adtran 404 Outbound Issues

I have an adtran 908e that is setup with two PRI's. When the PBX makes an outbound call, this call goes out and tries to go out to PSTN providing a 404 to the Adtran which is normal cause the number is not assigned anywhere. But then the 404 comes back to the Adtran and the adtran tries to send the call back to the PRI. How can we get that to just stop of 404 is received? Calls originates from T04 goes to T01 and comes back with 404 and then tries T03 and T04 and PBX answers cause the PBX is setup to take any DID... Any tricks on stopping this?

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Re: Adtran 404 Outbound Issues



T01 - This is SIP Trunk to Carrier

T02 - This is PRI 1

T03 - This is PRI 2


Call originates from T02 goes out to T01 the carrier, and gets a 404 response and then sends the call to T03 vs ending. Hope this helps. 

What would be the best here Sabre?