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Debug Messages

Is there any documentation anywhere to decipher debug messages? I can forward them to syslog. But then I have to interpret them. And I don't know what they all mean. Google searches for most things Adtran only ever lead back to here and I've scoured the guides and forum posts. The AOS Command Reference doesn't seem to have any explanations on what they mean, just how to configure them.

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Re: Debug Messages

Hello Steve,


Thanks for posting to the forum.  There might be some specific docs depending on what exactly you are trying to debug.  I believe we have information on PPP and VPN for example.  Voice debugs like SIP and PRI (isdn l2-formatted) are standard and non-ADTRAN proprietary.  Debugs like voice verbose however are ADTRAN specific.  You can get voice debugs questions answered by opening a support ticket, but I do not believe we have any line by line explanation on a topic like that.

With all that being said, what specifically are you looking for?  Maybe I can help locate something to help you out.