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Point to Multiple Syslog Servers

Is pointing to 1 syslog server the only option at the moment? Would be nice to be able to specify a secondary, thoughts?

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Re: Point to Multiple Syslog Servers


Per the:

ADTRAN Operating System (AOS)
AOS Version R13.12.0
Command Reference Guide
November 2021

PDF page 1591 of 5278

Configuring a secondary syslog server allows the redundant transmission of messages to two different
servers. This server configuration is optional, and does not function as a failover address; therefore, the
primary server should always be configured using the command logging forwarding receiver-ip <ipv4
address> on page 1595. Syslog transmits to this auxiliary address independently of normal server

Usage Examples
The following example specifies that messages are logged to both a primary syslog server (
and an auxiliary syslog server (
(config)#logging forwarding receiver-ip
(config)#logging forwarding auxiliary-receiver-ip

Hope this helps.