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Upgrading Netvanta 1550-24P from to next firmware?

Hello All,

I am knew to Adtran or AOS. I have a client that is having multiple noisy  Netvanta 1550-24P switches in different locations. I found from one of this community topics by upgrading the firmware fixed in the past. My current firmware is and when I check the image files from Adtran Support portal I see firm-wares starting with R13.x.x. 

When I issue "sh ver" I don't see the current device with anything that says Rxx.x.x. Here is my devices output.

Please help 


Sanitized output..

ADTRAN, Inc. OS version BVS1.0
Mainline Version: ENM.14.162
Built on: Mon Jun 1 13:44:50 CDT 2015
Hardware version R01-R01-R01
Boot ROM version BVS1.0
Built on: Mon Jun 1 13:37:14 CDT 2015
Compatibility Version: 0
Copyright (c) 1999-2015, ADTRAN, Inc.
Platform: NetVanta 1550-24P, part number xxxxxxx
Flash: 88666112 bytes DRAM: 259891200 bytes

System returned to ROM by Hard Reset (Kernel)
Current system image file is ""
Primary boot system image file is ""
Backup boot system image file is ""
Primary system configuration file is "startup-config"



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