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Q & A - How to upgrade firmware using CLI on ASE switch?

Q & A - How to upgrade firmware using CLI on ASE switch?

Using the CLI you can upgrade the firmware of an ASE switch. Note: This can also be done via the GUI for all modesl of ASE switches.


A TFTP server with anonymous access.
Network Access from switch to TFTP server.
Privliged Exec mode on ASE switch.



Show current version of firmware.

ASE_switch# show version

MAC Address : cc-66-18-1a-88-99
Serial Number : LBADTN223112345
Previous Restart : Cold
Primary Image
Image : linux (Active)
Version : v20.12-3-1225
Date : 2023-04-13T11:18:33+08:00

Backup Image
Image : linux.bk
Version : v20.12-3
Date : 2022-09-27T09:37:13+08:00

Copy firmware file TO switch from TFTP server. 

Copy the file to the switch from the TFTP server.

syntax:  firmware upgrade tftp://<ipaddress>/<filename> 
ASE_switch# firmware upgrade tftp://
Got 22399253 bytes
% Saving 4850 bytes to flash:web_02
% Saving 169 bytes to flash:web_04
% Saving 4850 bytes to flash:web_01
% Saving 3066 bytes to flash:web_03
% Saving 1647 bytes to flash:custom-config
% Saving 102 bytes to flash:webiconlist
Starting flash update - do not power off device!
Waiting for Image info update...
File transfer is completed, reload the device to activate the firmware

Swap firmware files between Active and Backup images.

syntax: firmware swap 
example ASE_switch# firmware swap


Additional info

A valid file name is a text string drawn from alphabet (A-Za-z), digits (0-9), dot (.), hyphen (-), under score (_). The maximum length is 63
and hyphen must not be first character. The file name content that only contains '.' is not allowed.


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‎05-25-2023 09:27 AM
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