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ATLAS Factory Default Procedure

ATLAS Factory Default Procedure


ATLAS Factory Default Procedure

In order to factory default the ATLAS you will need a serial connection to the CRAFT port (on the ATLAS 830 it needs to be the back ADMIN port) with the following settings:

Rate: 9600

Data Bits: 8

Parity: None

Stop Bit: 1

Flow Control: None

Terminal Emulation: VT 100

With the terminal session open, power up the ATLAS while holding in the front ACO button. In your terminal connection you should see:

ATLAS 550 Boot ROM

                Force Download

                                Press [ENTER] to continue...

(At this point you can release the ACO button.) Once you press [ENTER] you will see a menu. Using the arrow keys on your keyboard go down to "System Utility" and then right-arrow over and down to "Clear Config Memory". Press [ENTER] on this option’s "<+>" symbol. After this you will see:

  Confirm (y/n)

                ** WARNING** This will clear the configuration memory and reboot!

Press "y" to confirm, and the ATLAS will reboot with factory default settings. The LOGIN will then be "password".

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