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ATLAS password reset

ATLAS password reset


ATLAS Password Reset

The default password for the ATLAS is "password".  If you have changed the password and cannot access the unit you will have to reset the default password on the ATLAS.  To do this you must have a serial connection to the front CRAFT port of the ATLAS with the following terminal settings:

            Rate: 9600

            Data Bits: 8

            Parity: None

            Stop Bit: 1

            Flow Control: None

            Terminal Emulation: VT 100

Once you see the LOGIN prompt you will type in CHALLENGE (all capital letters). The ATLAS will then give you a numeric challenge. You will need to give this challenge number to ADTRAN Technical Support by opening a support ticket (call 888-423-8726 or e-mail  We will give you the correct response to the challenge number when you open your support ticket. This can be done over email, but your terminal connection must remain up or it will require another CHALLENGE. The challenge/response must be done in the same session.

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