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Adtran Atlas 550 - 2 inbound PRI's for redundency directed to analog FSX ports.

Most of the posts refer to a single source PRI.  I have 2 in a trunk group from the carrier for redundency.  I want to configure any calls on either PRI will route to the internal FXS ports with ani/dnis.  This is the same result as the post "New to Adtran  - May be dumb question"  They only needed to get one source PRI to the FXS ports.  I need to have 2 PRI's instead.  Can I do it with one Adtran 550 ?  Seems like I need to do sometihng with the rabbit hole, but can't seem to get there with out a conflict. 

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Re: Adtran Atlas 550 - 2 inbound PRI's for redundency directed to analog FSX ports.

Thank you for using the ADTRAN Support Forums.

The "rabbit hole" configuration is only needed if you want to outpulse *ANI*DNIS* as DTMF tones out the FXS ports. If you want ANI sent as FSK between the first and second ring (typical caller-ID), then you do not need the rabbit hole.

So if you need to use the rabbit hole configuration, you'll need a total of 4 T1/PRI ports. 2 for your PRIs from the telephone company, and then 2 connected together with a T1 cross-over cable for the "rabbit hole". The configuration is the same as in the rabbit hole guide except you will have 2 NETWORK TERM PRIs instead of just 1. Calls are routed through the ATLAS based on the DNIS, or called-party number, so it doesn't matter which PRI the call comes in on, it will be routed in the USER TERM based on the called number. If you end up with a CONFLICT, then you have that particular SLOT and PORT is configured somewhere else in either the DIAL PLAN or the DEDICATED MAP.

If you do not need the "rabbit hole" then you simply need to configure the 2 PRIs in the NETWORK TERM and the FXS ports in the USER TERM of the DIAL PLAN.

Hope this helps,