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Atlas 550 Calls Not Going Through on First Attempt


Forgive me if this is an ignorant question, but I am new to the config of this unit.  I just purchased one for use on my home voice lab.  The 550 is connected to a Cisco router via T1 PRI.  The 550 has 3 octal FXS cards.  The issues is when I dial a number or extension from one of the FXS cards it times out and I get dial tone back.  However, after I receive dial tone back the second attempt at the call goes through.  The debug of my router show the first attempt not going through, but the second attempt is accepted.  Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Re: Atlas 550 Calls Not Going Through on First Attempt

Hello Jeff, and thank you for using the ADTRAN Support Forums.

I'm not positive that I am following your application correctly, but it sounds like you are originating a call from one of the FXS ports and dialing a number associated with the PRI to the Cisco. If this is the case, and the Cisco debug shows the call reaching the Cisco but not going through, then the problem is either in the Cisco configuration, or there is an configuration mismatch between the ATLAS and the Cisco.

I believe you should do some debugging in the ATLAS as well. Under the SYSTEM CONFIG go into EVEN LOGGING. In the EVENT LOGGING set both SWITCHBOARD and ISDN EVENTS to INFO. (If you are familiar with the ISDN Q.931 messages you can also set ISDN L2 FORMATTED events to INFO, but hopefully this won't be necessary.) You can view these logs under SYSTEM STATUS in the EVENT LOG (and you can clear the log under SYSTEM STATUS with CLEAR SYSTEM EVENT LOG).

With these events set to INFO, you should see what interface accepts the call, and should see the ATLAS "dialing" the number on that interface. After that there should be some information from the Cisco informing us why the call is not accepted. This should help us determine if there is a configuration mismatch between the ATLAS and the Cisco, and if the ATLAS is routing the call correctly or not.

If you let me know what this turns up, we can try to figure it out from there.

Take care,