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Atlas 550 Inbound Routing


I have an Atlas 550 with 1 Network (Carrier) PRI with 2 Dual PRI/T1 modules for CPE. Is there a way to have a group of DID's to ring 2 CPE PRI's at the same time? Customer is testing new services and will have 2 phones (one from each system) and would like the numbers to ring both at the same time. I know how to make it work with one or the other, and as a primary/secondary but I need simultaneous. Is this possible?


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Re: Atlas 550 Inbound Routing

Thank you for using the ADTRAN Support Community Forums.

For the application your are describing, the ATLAS is like a switch. It can route the call to only one interface at a time, so it cannot ring devices on more than one interface at the same time. So the ATLAS cannot send the call down both PRIs at the same time. I'm afraid this is not possible in the ATLAS.

Hope this answers your question,


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Re: Atlas 550 Inbound Routing

Since there has been no further discussion on this, I will go ahead and mark this discussion as "assumed answered." If you have any additional questions feel free to post them.