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Atlas 550 PRI to PRI pass through not allowing outbound to always work

I have an Atlas 550 that has the carrier PRI in Network 1 and in Network 2 is the PRI out to a Digium machine. We have FXS Quads in all 6 slots that we are pulling DID's off to send to the customer's fax machines. All of the rest of the DID's pass through. That works OK.

It's the outbound that has been giving me fits.

I finally had to set the plan as ISDN National Preferred and 7-digit dialing started to work from the FXS ports and the Network 2 PRI. I had to leave the NXX-XXXX plan as Unknown and the NXX-XXX-XXXX as Unknown. Calls just wouldn't get through the carrier. I did get out to the carrier but got an intercept each time.

My issue is that can I create a loop through and bypass the carrier? If a number is dialed from the Network 2 PBX and it matches the inbound Network 1 DID's, can the call just route right back in to Network 1?

I made test calls and when I dial the 7-digit local number of the company, it acts like it routes right back in and never goes out to the carrier.

My last line 17 is what bothers me. First is it needed to get calls from the PBX over to Network 1 and second, did it create a route back in?

ATLAS 550/Dial Plan/User Term[17]/Interface Configuration

  #   Slot/Svc    Port/PEP  Sig  In#Accept   Out#Rej   Ifce Config

            |1  S1)FXS-4     1)FXS 1/1       [4903]       [+]      [Port=1]

            │  2  S1)FXS-4     2)FXS 1/2       [2431]       [+]      [Port=2]

            │  3  S1)FXS-4     3)FXS 1/3       [2058]       [+]      [Port=3]

            │  4  S1)FXS-4     4)FXS 1/4       [1879]       [+]      [Port=4]

            │  5  S2)FXS-4     1)FXS 2/1       [1780]       [+]      [Port=1]

            │  6  S2)FXS-4     2)FXS 2/2       [1738]       [+]      [Port=2]

            │  7  S2)FXS-4     3)FXS 2/3       [1494]       [+]      [Port=3]

            │  8  S2)FXS-4     4)FXS 2/4       [2352]       [+]      [Port=4]

            │  9  S3)FXS-4     1)FXS 3/1       [1446]       [+]      [Port=1]

            │ 10  S3)FXS-4     2)FXS 3/2       [4860]       [+]      [Port=2]

            │ 11  S3)FXS-4     3)FXS 3/3       [1771]       [+]      [Port=3]

            │ 12  S3)FXS-4     4)FXS 3/4         [+]        [+]      [Port=4]

            │ 13  S4)FXS-4     1)FXS 4/1         [+]        [+]      [Port=1]

            │ 14  S4)FXS-4     2)FXS 4/2         [+]        [+]      [Port=2]

            │ 15  S4)FXS-4     3)FXS 4/3         [+]        [+]      [Port=3]

            │ 16  S4)FXS-4     4)FXS 4/4         [+]        [+]      [Port=4]

            │ 17  N2)T1/PRI-1  1)T1/PRI  PRI     [$]        [+]         [+]

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Re: Atlas 550 PRI to PRI pass through not allowing outbound to always work

If the OUT#ACCEPT in the NETWORK TERM PRI is also a "$", and there are no other entries in the IN#ACCEPT for your line #17 that are more specific than "$", and if the PRI in N1 is "up" then calls should route out N1.

In the ATLAS, calls are routed to the "most specific" match, and can be routed to other USER TERM entries or to the NETWORK TERM based on the "most specific" match; however however calls from the USER TERM give preference to the NETWORK TERM, so if the matches are identical, the NETWORK is chosen before the USER.