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Atlas 550 as Power Fail PRI transfer

I just took over a site that is using an Adtran atlas 550 as a PRI switching/Transfer solution. The issue that I have is that the 2 inbound PRI's should overflow to each other for inbound calls. When I bypass the Adtran, the overflow works fine. Can anyone give me anywhere to start looking? I haven't dealt with Adtran devices since the old standard CSU days.


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Re: Atlas 550 as Power Fail PRI transfer

I'm going to assume the ATLAS has the PRIs configured under the DIAL PLAN. In the DIAL PLAN, all calls are routed based on the destination number (DNIS - Dialed Number Identification Service). This is done through the IN#ACCEPT (under the USER TERM configuration) and the OUT#ACCEPT (under the NETWORK TERM configuration).

If you want a call to "roll-over" from one PRI to another, then the IN#ACCEPT (or OUT#ACCEPT) for both PRIs should have the same ACCEPT NUMBER. (They can have additional ACCEPT NUMBERS, but the number that you want to roll-over must be in both.) If you are using "wild-cards" (like "$" or "XXXX") then both PRIs must have the same "wild-card" match to allow the call to roll-over.

As far as a guide goes, this one may help:

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Re: Atlas 550 as Power Fail PRI transfer

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