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Atlas 550 error log

Can anyone tell me what causes a "network congestion event" on an Atlas 550?

The unit is configured with 8 port FXS modules being fed from a standard PRI.

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Re: Atlas 550 error log

I apologize, but I completely missed this question until today.

The Network Congestion would be a message the ATLAS gets from the Telco (network).

Generally it means exactly how it sounds: the network is congested and can't process the call through.



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Re: Atlas 550 error log

It is an ISDN cause code generated by something downstream of the local PRI indicating that there are no available circuits to route the call. On a large carrier this may result in an intercept message along the lines of "All circuits are busy now....". On smaller systems it usually results in a reorder (fast busy).

Here's a list. Most likely cause 42 but could be 38.