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Atlas 550 with Opentext Fax Gateway 2100.

We recently switched from a TR1034 Brooktrout board for our Rightfax Server to an Opentext Fax Gateway 2100 which is an IP based appliance. Our PRI comes into the 550 and based on the number coming in we either pass it to our phone server or the fax gateway. We have about 10 fax numbers that route to the gateway but for some reason it's not seeing those digits in the hand off so the routing on the Rightfax server is not working properly. We didn't make any changes to the 550 which stills routes fine when connected to the TR1034. Is there anything you can suggest that may need to be changed on the 550 to get the gateway to properly sense the digits in the hand off?

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Re: Atlas 550 with Opentext Fax Gateway 2100.

What is the hand-off to the Rightfax/Opentext?

If it's PRI then there isn't anything you can adjust in the ATLAS - the called party number is part of the SETUP message sent on every call. If it is an RBS T1 then you may need to enable Direct Inward Dialing or change the SIGNALING METHOD if it is doing something like FEATURE GROUP D. (Feature Group D uses E&M Signaling with the DID digits being transmitted as *ANI*DNIS*)

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Re: Atlas 550 with Opentext Fax Gateway 2100.

Since there has been no follow up on this question, I'm going to mark it as "assumed answered." If you have additional information or questions please post them.