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Max entries for incoming number accept list


I am using the Adtran Atlas 550 to migrate from one PBX to another in groups of users.

I have an 8000 number DID range and it is spread out between 4 complexes.

The numbers are all scrambled and not grouped per departments.

I need to move users in groups that have random DID numbers in my DID range.

I have started my first installation of my incomming number accept list, and have hit the 99 number mark and can't add any more entries.

I will must likley be adding a couple thousand entries into this system before I have completed my migration.

How do I get past the 99 entry point?

I did not see anywhere that 99 was the limit of numbers that can be controlled.

Any assistance on this would be most appreciated.


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Re: Max entries for incoming number accept list

I'm afraid there is no way "around" the limit of 99 entries in the IN#ACCEPT list. Your best option is to try to use wild-cards or "bracket" numbers together (i.e. "123X" is 1230 through 1239, and "1[2,3]45" is 1245 and 1345).

By the way, the USER TERM and NETWORK TERM can only hold 999 entries each.



Re: Max entries for incoming number accept list

Thanks Patrick,

I have a question based on your mention of the USER TERM and NETWORK TERM.

I currently have and only need 5 entries in those areas, so 999 seems like a high number for that.

Can I add additional USER TERM entries to the same DS0 and then have another 99 entries for that USER TERM entry?


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Re: Max entries for incoming number accept list

No, each DS0 on a T1 can only be configured in one location (USER TERM, NETWORK TERM, or DEDICATED MAP).

Re: Max entries for incoming number accept list

Thanks Patrick.

Perhaps there is another configuration that will work for me.

It just seems odd that a chassis that can be configured for up to 18 DS0/PRI circuits, can only handle 99 steering codes on each DS0, but, can have 999 places to assign the DS0/PRI with 0 duplicates.

So there must be some solution for this.

Here is what I have.

I have 3 PRI circuits with the 8000 DID numbers in 1 trunk group with those 3 circuits.

I need to run them through a device (Adtran Atlas 550) and connect them to the excisting PBX. 3 PRI's in, 3 PRI's out.

I will also be adding a 4th PRI out that is going to my new PBX system.

In the Adtran Atlas 550 with 2 quad PRI cards, i need to steer any given 4 digit receive digit to the correct PBX.

I have wild card entries in for the 3 PRI's out to the old PBX, and this is testing O.K.

Now as I need a DID to go to the new PBX, i have added an entry to steer that to the 4th PRI that goes to the new PBX, this also works.

Perhaps there is another method that I have not found to be able to get more than 99 entries into the system to accomodate my needs.

Because there are so many numbers and they are all spread out, I was able to use combination entries and have recoverd 15 from the 99 that were originally entered. But I will certainly need more than that.

Maybe there is a masking technique that is available?

Anything will help.

Please let me know as I just purchased these units (I have to duplicate for DR so I have 2) and no one said this would not work for my application.