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Question re: Switchboard output on RBS port

Good afternoon all,

I'm hoping someone can help me here.   I have an Adtran550 that was in place here at the company I work for.   I set up Syslog on it and I am seeing some weird behavior.   I have an RBS user term that goes out to an 824.   I have a PRI that goes out to a PBX.    When a call comes in and routes to the PBX I see the routing information (e.g. ANI XXXXXXXXXX / DNIS XXXX) on port 0|0 which is what I expect.    When it goes out to the RBS port to the 824 I get nothing.    I'm sure it's something stupid I'm missing in setup of the logging but I can't for the life of me figure out what it is.    Right now I have the following settings:

System Controller Info
Chain Port │ Switchboard Info
SNMP │ Nx 56/64 Modules Minor
Event Logging │ T1 Module Info
Syslog Setup │ Ethernet Events Minor
Real Time Clock│ Frame Relay Minor
BONDING Config │ PPP Minor
│ ISDN Events Normal
│ ISDN L2 Messages Minor
│ ISDN L2 Formatted Minor
│ Call Control Messages Minor
│ Call Control IEs Minor
│ DP Outgoing Signalling Minor
│ Dprintf Minor
│ Firmware Update Minor
│ AIS Stack Minor
│ Resource Usage Minor
│ Bonding Minor
│ Voice Compression Minor
│ Circuit Backup Minor
│ E1 Module Normal
│ NxT1 HSSI Modules Minor
│ ModmMgmt Minor
│ Voice Cards Minor
│ BRI Normal
│ External Input Minor


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Re: Question re: Switchboard output on RBS port

oh and here is the interface setups:


COX 550 LAKE FOREST/Dial Plan/User Term[4]/Interface Configuration
Incoming Number Accept List│ First DS0 1
Outgoing Number Reject List│ Number of DS0s 24
Interface Configuration │ DS0s Available !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Substitution Template │ Signaling Method Feature Group D
│ FGD Tx Sequence ANI/DNIS
│ FGD Rx Sequence Disabled
│ Wink After ANI/DNIS Disabled
│ Direct Inward Dialing Enabled
│ DID Digits Transferred 4
│ Strip MSD None
│ Source ID 0
│ DS0 Selection Normal