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TR1034 Brooktrout Issues

We have had an Adtran Atlas 550 setup with a PRI expansion card for about 8 years.  We changed out PRI from Verizon to Windstream and had some fax quality issues.

I started to tweak the settings when the TR1034 and the Adtran basically stopped communicating.  The TR1034 says no dial tone when it tries to make a call out.

i have inserted a picture of the port settings...can anyone help with this issue?

Thanks.Adtran Line 2 Config.JPG

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Re: TR1034 Brooktrout Issues

The DIAL PLAN configuration looks good for an E&M Wink T1.

Since this is to a Brooktrout, you need to make sure the "LB Accept" for the ATLAS T1/PRI module is set to "Ignore". Also make sure there are not tests active on the port by going to TEST under the MENU. This is found under MODULES, under the MENU for the T1/PRI module, in CONFIGURATION.

You can also look at the DS0 STATUS for the port connecting to the Brooktrout, and if you understand the Signaling Bits, you can look at the "Sig Status" to verify what is being transmitted and received by the T1 port.

The DS0 STATUS should show an "O" when the Brooktrout goes offhook.

Hope this helps,


Re: TR1034 Brooktrout Issues


Thanks for replying so quickly!  I did have the LB Accept on, so I changed that to ignore.

I do understand how to view the status.  The 4 lines we have routed to the Brooktrout show as online (no O).  When i call in I see the R, and don't hear ringing on my cell phone.  the R then goes away and I hear ringing and then the verizon number error message.

Everything seems to be setup correctly, but yet it won't work.   Could the cord between the adtran and fax board be bad?  Pulling strings now to figure out why this is not working.

Could the provider be sending to many digits for the routing?  We are using 4, but maybe they are sending 7.  We asked for 4 though.  The Adtran does seem to route it to the proper port, as the R is on port 2 where it should be.

Thanks again.


Re: TR1034 Brooktrout Issues

brooktroutcalloutfail.JPGHere is the brooktrout test unit failing to call out.

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Re: TR1034 Brooktrout Issues

You may have to look at the SIG Bits. The ATLAS won't play ringback to the carrier until it receives a WINK from the Brooktrout.

The "No loop current detected" is confusing because that is a POTS or FXS characteristic, and not a T1 characteristic.

If you want to capture the RBS signaling in the EVENT LOG you can go under SYSTEM CONFIG and into EVENT LOGGING and set the DP OUTGOING SIGNALING to INFO.

Re: TR1034 Brooktrout Issues

I agree..that does seem to be a pots like response.

Here are some of the errors from the log.  If you want to engage more directly i'm open to that.  My email is

adtran log.JPGadtranlog2.JPG

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Re: TR1034 Brooktrout Issues

In those screenshots, the rxABCD never changes from "00". It should go to "0f" and then back to "00" to indicate the WINK.

At 13:59:09 the ATLAS transmits "0f" (txABCD:0f) and then at 13:59:19 the call is dropped and the transmitted signal goes back to "00".

This happens again at 13:40:47 with the call being dropped at 13:40:57.

The ATLAS is never receiving back a WINK from the end equipment, so the ISDN Timer expires after 10 seconds and the call is terminated.