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Atlas 890 Soft Reboot Randomly

I have 8 Atlas 890's with two acting as Masters, each of them have dual power supplies and dual controller cards running same firmware A10 (10/29/04) and ROM A.03 (6/12/02) identical cards.  However, for the past several months one of the two masters has been randomly rebooting (soft boot).  Log shows just ICC up and ICC down and of course the cold start and swap from primary to backup controller card.  I would hate to pull one of the controller cards out especially if it does the soft boot and has no backup controller card available to fail over.

Could it be controller card? And how can I determine which one is the bad one?

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Re: Atlas 890 Soft Reboot Randomly

The most common cause of reboots/controller swaps in the ATLAS is ethernet traffic. If it swaps back and forth between the two controllers than I don't believe the problem is one of them being bad. If that was the case it wouldn't cause a reboot when in "standby" mode.

What I suggest is disconnecting the ethernet cables from both controllers, and then visually monitoring them to see if it swaps controllers again. If it doesn't then you will need to see if you can put that ATLAS on it's own VLAN in order to isolate it from random ethernet traffic.

Hope this helps,


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Re: Atlas 890 Soft Reboot Randomly

Since we haven't heard anything back from you, I'm going to mark this question as "assumed answered". If you have additional questions feel free to continue the discussion.