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Option Module

I am very new so please be kind 🙂 We have a bad Module with our ATLAS 890, but we have another Module that does not have any cables plugged into it.. My question is can i swap the two Module's, and could there be any services running on the card with no cables?? both Modules are the same... We are just worried that the card with no cables is providing services. we would telnet in but we also don't know the password...

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Re: Option Module

Hello, and thank you for using the ADTRAN Support Forums.

Chances are that if there are no cables connected to the module then it is not being used, but knowing what type of module it is will help to clarify this.

If the module is not currently in use, then you can swap the two modules.

the default LOGIN for the ATLAS is "password" and the default IP address is with a subnet mask of If the LOGIN has been changed or the IP address is unknown, then you will need a serial connection to the front CRAFT port or the ADMIN port on the back of the controller module ( With a serial connection to the ATLAS there is a challenge/response procedure that restores the default login, but this is best done over the phone with support, as the response must be given during the same session as the challenge, or the process must be repeated.

Thank you,