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BSAP 1930 usb port and second ethernet port


      I need to know what is the function of the usb port exist in BSAP 1930 , also there is another ethernet port behind the first one , what is the function of it?, I tried to use this ethernet port and it bring the BSAP up using POE but it seems that it does not pass traffic as the BSAP could not discover the vWLAN through it.

I searched its datasheet and I did not found any info. about them.


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Re: BSAP 1930 usb port and second ethernet port


the second ethernet port is sealed - you should not use that unless adtran gives you instructions on that.

It may be possible that the second port will be used in future, but not at the moment. I guess the USB Port is for Firmware Upgrade - but this is also something customers shouldn't/can't use.

So of course you will ask yourself why these ports are on the device. The simplest answer I have - The HW-Vendor, which produces this kind of Hardware, also produce and sell the same hardware to different customers because it's cheaper than constructing and deploying different models. So you'll find likely the same hardware (APs) from different Wireless Solution Vendors. Or on the other side - it can also be that the technical hardware is completely different to other models/vendors but the same case is used.. That's what I think about that.

hope this helps!



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Re: BSAP 1930 usb port and second ethernet port

The secondary Ethernet port and USB interface are currently covered and reserved for future use. A potential future use case for the secondary Ethernet port might be plugging in a wired device like a phone perhaps in a hotel or dorm room. A potential future use case for the USB interface might be 3G/4G services.