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Bluesocket User Resource Manual

Bluesocket User Resource Manual

This document provides information to help you get started using the following ADTRAN Bluesocket products:

  • vWLAN powered by VMware and the vWLAN Appliance
  • BSAP 1800 Series
  • BSAP 1900 Series
  • BSAP 2000 Series

NOTE: For a list of related part numbers, refer to the tables in the Installation and Design section. A list of specific features and firmware supported by each platform is shown in the AOS Feature Matrix.



ADTRAN produces the following types of documents for Bluesocket products:

  • Quick Start Guide - Brief document delivered with the product that provides the following basic information needed for getting started: default settings, instructions for accessing the unit, LED behavior where applicable, and information about additional resources.
  • Hardware Installation Guide - Comprehensive hardware document that provides mounting instructions, compliance and safety information, product features, etc.
  • Data Sheet - Brief document that provides product overview, features, and technical specifications.
  • Configuration Guide - Feature-specific document that provides feature overviews, configuration steps, and example configurations.
  • Troubleshooting Guide - Feature-specific document that provides troubleshooting information.

NOTE: The documents listed in the tables in the following sections include the most common documents needed by users. Additional documents are available on ADTRAN's Support Community. To find additional documents for a product/feature, visit the product's Technical Documentation page in the Support Community or enter the product/feature name in the search field.

Installation and Design

The tables in the following sections provide links to documents related to the initial installation of your ADTRAN product.

Model(s)Part Number(s)Documents

vWLAN powered by VMware and vWLAN Appliance



vWLAN VMware Quick Start Guide

vWLAN 2.1 VMware Quick Start Guide

vWLAN Hardware Appliance (1st Gen) Quick Start Guide

vWLAN Hardware Appliance (2nd Gen) Quick Start Guide

Bluesocket vWLAN Desktop Appliance Quick Start Guide

BSAP 1800 Series



BSAP 1800 V1 Installation Guide

BSAP 1800 V2 Installation Guide

BSAP 1840 Installation Guide

BSAP 1900 Series






BSAP 1920/1925 Quick Start Guide

BSAP 1930/1935 Quick Start Guide

BSAP 1940 Quick Start Guide

Powering the BSAP 1940 Outdoors

BSAP 2000 Series



BSAP 2030/2035 Quick Start Guide


The following table provides links to documents that pertain to maintaining your ADTRAN product. Refer to the document description to determine which document best meets your needs. The Topic column provides links to the documents.

TopicDocument Description
ADTRAN Serial NumbersInformation about finding the serial numbers for ADTRAN products
vWLAN Licensing InstructionsInformation and Instructions on vWLAN licensing.
vWLAN 2.1 to 2.3 Upgrade GuideInformation and instructions on upgrading from vWLAN 2.1 to vWLAN 2.3.
Upgrading BlueSocket vWLAN Controllers and Access PointsGeneral Instructions on upgrading vWLAN and BSAPs


This section provides links to documents related to configuring your ADTRAN product after the initial hardware setup and installation. Refer to the document description to determine which document best meets your needs. The Topic column provides links to the documents.


TopicDocument Description

vWLAN Admin Guide

  • Adtran Bluesocket vWLAN Overview
  • vWLAN Hardware and Software Requirements
  • vWLAN Installation
  • Introduction to the vWLAN's GUI
  • vWLAN Administrators
  • vWLAN Platform Configuration
  • vWLAN Domain Configuration
  • Configuring vWLAN APs
  • vWLAN Serial Console Configuration
  • vWLAN Wireless Configuration
  • vWLAN Unified Access Configuration
  • Configuring Client Connections
  • Managing AP Networks
  • vWLAN Management
  • vWLAN Implementation on Public and Private Networks
  • Additional Resources
vWLAN AP Discovery Guide
  • AP Discovery Overview
  • Hardware and Software Requirements and Limitations
  • AP Discovery Method Configuration
  • Verifying BSAP Discovery
  • Troubleshooting BSAP Discovery Issues
vWLAN Disaster Recovery Guide
  • High Availability Overview and Configuration
  • AP Control Channel Timeout Explanation and Setting
  • Standby SSID Explanation and Configuration
  • System Limitations When No Control Plane Connection is Possible
  • Disaster Recovery Scenarios and Expected Behaviors
  • Disaster Recovery Combinations
vWLAN External RADIUS-802.1x Authentication Guide
  • Overview of using 802.1x External Authentication
  • 802.1x Authentication Protocols
  • 802.1x Authentication Certificates
  • 802.1x Authentication Methods
  • Configuring vWLAN for Machine and User Authentication
  • Configuring Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise for Authentication
  • Configuring the Windows 7 802.1x Client for Authentication
  • Additional vWLAN Authentication Configurations
  • Troubleshooting 802.1x Authentication Issues
Configuring Unified User Access (wired)
  • Hardware and Software Requirements
  • Deployment Concerns and Considerations
  • Configuring Unified User Access for Wired Clients and 3rd Party APs
  • Configuration Verification
  • Troubleshooting
vWLAN Single Click Customized Login Page
  • Creating an Internal User
  • Uploading Image Files
  • Creating the Login Form
  • Additional Configuration Requirements
  • Testing the Page
Enabling Multicast Support for vWLAN 2.3 and Later
  • Hardware and Software Requirements
  • Deployment Concerns and Considerations
  • Configuring the "Convert Multicast to Unicast" SSID Setting
  • Configuring Multicast in the Role Associated with the SSID
  • Troubleshooting Multicast Wireless Issues
vWLAN General Deployment Guide
  • Basic network setup
  • Guest users and Captive Portal
  • Explains roles, locations, and SSIDs



Document Description

Using APIs with vWLAN

  • vWLAN API Overview
  • Hardware and Software Requirements and Limitations
  • Sample vWLAN API Call
  • Using the API to Create a New Domain
  • Using the API With Nested Resources
  • vWLAN Resources Available for API Configuration
  • Detailed vWLAN API Parameters
Install and Renew SSL Certificates
  • Hardware and Software Requirements and Limitations
  • Components Used
  • Background Information on SSL Certificates
  • Installing an SSL Certificate
  • High Availability Concerns when using SSL Certificates
  • Renewing an SSL Certificate
  • Verification of SSL Certificates
  • Troubleshooting SSL Certificates Problems


The tables in this section provide links to some popular documents related to troubleshooting your ADTRAN product. Refer to the document description to determine which document best meets your needs. The Topic column provides links to the documents.


TopicDocument Description
vWLAN Phone Home Remote Access
  • Guide to Phoning vWLAN Home When ADTRAN Support Requests It
vWLAN Traffic Capture Guide
  • Taking a vWLAN Traffic Capture
  • Taking a Packet Capture on a BSAP
  • Examples of Traffic Captures


TopicDocument Description
BSAP Troubleshooting Guide
  • BSAP Problems Discussed
    • The AP Is not licensed
    • The AP Is not in a Domain
    • Controller Discovery is not configured
    • AP Firmware is not applied to the AP Template
    • A router or firewall is blocking traffic
    • Public IP not defined in vWLAN
    • Public IP is defined in vWLAN, but the APs are in the same subnet as vWLAN
    • Excessive RF interference
    • Factory defaulting a BSAP

RF Interference

TopicDocument Description
Avoiding RF Interference with a Successful BlueSocket Wireless DeploymentvWLAN Phone Home Remote Access
  • Information on Basic Wireless Concepts
  • Channel planning on each radio
  • Multi-floor deployments
  • Information on 40MHz and 80MHz channels
  • Documentation including heat maps and wireless network logs
  • Identifying RF Interference in vWLAN
  • Reading the Adjacent APs page in vWLAN
  • Acting upon notifications of Rogue APs
Site Surveys and Spectrum Analyzers and their place in Wireless Network Design and Maintenance
  • Information of types of Site Surveys
  • Information on the parts of an on-site survey
  • Spectrum Analyzers and their value to wireless networks
  • Recommended Spectrum Analyzers

Customer Service

Visit the ADTRAN website to learn about the complete range of services, training, and support that ADTRAN offers. Go to or to one of the pages listed in the following sections.

Technical Support from the ADTRAN Website

ADTRAN Technical Support provides many resources for continuing support of your ADTRAN product. Visit our support website at for links to additional documentation, software downloads, warranty information, product registration, and security advisories. The ADTRAN Support Community provides documentation, videos, technical support notes, and forums posts related to all ADTRAN products. The Getting Started video explains how to create an account and get started in the ADTRAN Support Community.

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