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Configure multiple BSAP

Greetings all,

So recently with the company I work for I came across a site where all Bluesocket 2020 APs has lost their configuration. The way the company deploys the BSAPs is that the AP will be configured to communicate with a specific controller that provides the AP with the proper template to broadcast the correct SSIDs and provide the necessary services for the site. I have come across this issue once before and it is a relatively easy fix by connecting the AP with a SSH connection and change the network configuration to utilize the controller in static mode and assign the IP address for the controller that needs to be used. This particular site had 21 APs, it didn't take too long to connect to each AP individually and configure it with the proper information but there are some locations that the company provides services to that have double or more of the APs deployed, so as my title suggests I am wondering if there is a way to configure multiple BSAP model 2020 simultaneously over a LAN connection, as in from a router supporting connections over SSH or is the only way to configure each AP individually. In this instance the APs were reporting down in the controller as the APs did not have the proper IP address configured to point to the controller. I have searched the forums but I haven't had any luck in finding the information that I am looking for, so any information on this would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

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Re: Configure multiple BSAP

The BSAPs can get the controller address from DHCP option 43. You still need to log into each individual AP one more time to change the controller mode to discover, but after that you just need to use DHCP to point the APs where they need to go.