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Manage of 3rd party AP by BSAP

Can BSAP manage more than 32 wireless clients from 3rd party AP? How to do the protection if that BSAP is down?

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Re: Manage of 3rd party AP by BSAP


Unified User Access Software for vWLAN is sometimes called "wired support" or "3rd party AP support." This effectively allows wireless clients to connect to a 3rd party AP yet still maintain the same experience as wireless clients connecting directly to a Bluesocket Access Point (BSAP). As of this time, wired support only allows 32 wired clients on a single access point (AP). This is platform independent meaning it is the same for the BSC and all versions of vWLAN.

The are some failover options associated with wired support. Here is an excerpt from the .

Wired Redundancy

There are two types of wired redundancy available on vWLAN: vWLAN redundancy and wired AP redundancy. vWLAN redundancy is achieved through high availability. If the AP has a high availability license, then both wired and wireless users will failover with zero packet loss during a vWLAN failover. Without a high availability license, all users have to reauthenticate as the AP reboots during a vWLAN failover (refer to Configuring High Availability on page 56 for more information about high availability).

Wired AP redundancy can occur when an AP servicing an untrusted VLAN segment fails. Two scenarios can occur: first, if there is no other wired licensed AP with access to that VLAN segment, then the segment is down and all users cannot pass traffic until the failed AP recovers. Second, if there is one or more APs with wired licenses that can access that VLAN segment, then the system picks the least loaded AP to take over the untrusted VLAN segment. There may be some packet loss as the system detects the down event and reassigns the untrusted VLAN or as the switches relearn the bridge table. Client reauthentication is not required during wired AP redundancy.

While this is from the vWLAN 2.2 guide, it applies to other versions of vWLAN as well as the BSC.

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Re: Manage of 3rd party AP by BSAP

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