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snmp syntax/message format


I would dearly love to use the vWLAN captive portal.  I am able to configure it to work correctly; however, we also use a Barracuda Web Security Gateway and I need to pass the successful login message with the IP and username on to the Barracuda so it can apply the correct configuration to the user account.  If the Barracuda WSG does not have a validated username and IP address the user is blocked from all internet access.

Barracuda already accepts snmp messages from Ruckus, Ciso, Meru, and a few other manufacturers, but not Adtran.  So, I'm hoping I can get what a successful login string from a particular SSID that's set up with a captive portal might look like when sent to the snmp trap on the WSG so I can get Barracuda to either add Adtran/BlueSocket to it's list of external captive portal services, or build a custom rule for our vWLAN/BlueSocket network.

I have never had to work with snmp before, so this is all new to me - so I apologize if my question doesn't make sense - but I will get there because I'm determined to make this work!  🙂

Thanks in advance,

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