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9500/9516 DPoE Archived Releases

If you do not see a software download button for a particular release, the software version is no longer supported. Unsupported software is only available by special request. You can initiate your request by opening a support case here.

Version Release Date Release Notes Download Hash
c95xx.dpoe-ci.r380b 5/25/21 Release Notes Software SHA256: FA1EA3367317964AB812BC642C02C2C846BF6CBDEEE7F58D4DA2B8E60D9AC407
c95xx.dpoe-ci.r380a 3/25//21 Release Notes Software SHA256: D094A9EC7F72CA02761B61E5A5D0D13C2E562D7AB448CA234ADC6F7B0ABDE673
c95xx.dpoe-ci.r370 6/11/20 Release Notes Software SHA256: E5705F0C1781D861907A8D1A4E5F99E1E31CBDCE008DA5D86DBD8416D5CABC38
c95xx.dpoe-ci.r368a 8/1/19 Release Notes Software SHA256: C1338B22A7B9FE3F67F6BCE7330BCBFB0881288FC6EEED0E45E0C01C084F4EFB
c95xx_dpoe_r359 9/28/17 Release Notes Software SHA256: 47E5805A7DCFDA1A30D392817D99F8006C902686545AA4F82D287F3EE7F445B7
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