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802.11n licenses for Bluesocket 1200

Hello we have a 1200 BSC Controller with 21 x 1800v2 AP's , and it has word fine for years, but last weeks users are using a new application with more bandwidth requirements.

I have seen that our BSC controller does not have any license for 802.11n :

     BSAP-1800v2/1840 802.11n licenses

     current 802.11n license count: 0

I have some questions about this topic.

     Do we need to buy license for all the AP's ?

     Can I select wich AP's do I want to run 802.11n ?

     Is it normal a maximum 10-15 Mbps throughput for 1800v2 AP's ( real traffic measured with iperf ) without these licenses ?

Best regards,


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