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BSC-2100 does not send SNMP traps

Dear All,

we operate a Bluesocket BSC-2100 Controller and have the Problem that it does not send SNMP traps

to our SNMP Monitoring System (Spectrum) even though the SNMP community is correct and we can

browse the SNMP tree of the BSC-2100 from the SNMP Monitoring System which rules out the possibility

of blocked SNMP traffic.

It often happens that one of the two BSC-2100's in the Failover Cluster Fails and we don't get any alerts for this.

When we check the Firewall logs after such an Event we don't see any SNMP packets from the other BSC-2100 which

should actually inform us that the Failover is broken.

SNMP Trap Management is also correctly configured with the IPs of the Monitoring stations and the correct communities.

Thanks in advance and best regards from Switzerland,


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Re: BSC-2100 does not send SNMP traps

Have you tried a packet capture on the BSC itself to see if it sends SNMP traffic in general? I might suggest that as your starting point. Just make sure that under normal circumstances your BSC is generating traffic. Then we can possibly isolate this to a specific event.