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Adding Support for ADTRAN DSU III Products to Windows® 95 Operating System

Adding Support for ADTRAN DSU III Products to Windows® 95 Operating System

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  Adding Support for ADTRAN DSU III Products to Windows® 95 Operating System


Adding Support for ADTRAN DSU III Products to Windows® 95 Operating System


mdmdsu3.inf- (, )Windows 95 information file containing modem definitions for ADTRAN DSU III Products


This Technical Support Note will enable you to integrate ADTRAN DSU III products and Windows 95 for high-speed data communication.

Before You Begin

Your PC hardware affects your throughput. If the COM port connected to the DSU III device does not have at least a 16550 UART chip, it will adversely affect the performance of your application for baud rates of over 19.2 kbps. For rates over 19.2 kbps, you need to purchase an add-on card with the 16550 UART chipset.

General .inf File .information
Modem .information files (.inf files) are used to define the characteristics of modems and the commands that control modems attached to a PC running the Windows 95 operating system. In other words, it allows the Windows 95 software to use the settings of a specific device.

Attached is the file mdmdsu3.inf. Installing this file on your computer allows your Windows 95 system to communicate using an ADTRAN DSU III product as if it was an asynchronous modem.

The mdmdsu3.inf file provides Windows 95 support for the following DSU III products: 2nd Generation DSU III AR, 2nd Generation DSU III S4W, and the DSU III S2W.

Installing DSU III Support In Windows 95 Software

The following steps may be performed prior to plugging the DSU III device into the system to install the necessary device support for the DSU III unit. If you plug in a DSU III before you perform the .inf installation, then Windows 95 will ask you to provide an .inf file for the DSU III. If you follow the prompts, you should not have any problems. However, the following steps detail a known good path to configure the DSU III unit.

  1. To install DSU III support on Windows 95 you will need to download the file mdmdsu3.inf.
  2. Go to Control Panel. The Control Panel may be found in My Computer or click on the START button with the left mouse button and hold it while moving the pointer to Settings and then over to Control Panel. Then release the button.
  3. Double-click on the Modems icon in Control Panel.
  4. Click on the Add... button.
  5. Check the Don't detect my modem; I will select it from a list check box and click on Next>.
  6. Click on the Have Disk... button.
  7. Windows 95 will ask you for the location of the mdmdsu3.inf file. Browse the file structure to find where you downloaded the file, and click on OK.
  8. The Install New Modem screen should show a screen similar to that in. Click on Next>.
  9. Select the COM Port that the DSU III device is connected. Click on Next>.
  10. On the next screen read the text and click on Finished.

Your ADTRAN .inf file has now been installed on your computer, and your DSU III device is now supported by your Windows 95 operating system. Next you must configure the software to talk to the DSU III device.

Configuring HyperTerminal to use the ADTRAN DSU III Unit

To use a DSU III device with the Windows 95 HyperTerminal program, start the HyperTerminal application located in the Accessories folder, and do the following:

  1. Name and choose an icon for the connection.
  2. Complete all required fields for the phone number and area codes. Also, ensure that the DSU III device installed is the current modem type as in Figure 6.
  3. Click on OK.

The ADTRAN unit should now be ready to use.

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