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Adva FSP 150-XG108 Console Issues

I am testing with a Adva FSP 150-XG108 that we purchased a while back and I cannot get console nor mgmt access to the unit but it does light up.
I've tried a null cable modem db-9 to RJ45 and connected a DB-9 to USB serial cable, and tried combos of 9600 / 115200 and 8N1/ 8N2 but to avail.
I also tried the default mgmt IP of but that is non responsive. I think someone was in it before me and changed the default IP which is why I need console access.
I tried looking for any documentation in regards to this device but was unable to find any.
Please assist.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Adva FSP 150-XG108 Console Issues

Serial access is not possible using typical RJ45 to DB9 adapters. Due to different pin assignments, console port access requires special ADVA adapters. These adaptors are usually shipped along with the devices, but can also be acquired separately. The part number is 2036904035-01.