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SmartRG SR808ac Configure DNS Server


I have a SmartRG SR808ac gateway currently running on software version:

I want to be able to simply change the assigned DNS servers from my ISP to my own and this simple setting, available on every other router/gateway I've ever owned, cannot be changed. The only way to somewhat do it, is to change the WAN connection type from DHCP to Static and input my DHCP settings from my ISP... manually. This is not convenient as the IP changes.

I've looked around and noticed a new software version has been released (

Does the new version allow customization for the DNS server and if so, where can I obtain the new software version? 

Again, unless I can't find it on this gateway (tried -- nothing there), I don't think it's configurable. Also, I don't want to manually change it on each device on my network, I want this to be a network specific change.




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Re: SmartRG SR808ac Configure DNS Server

Only the ISP can configure the DNS server on the SR808ac. The end user doesn't have the ability to do that.

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