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SmartRg SR516ac- QoS queueing interface selection

I'm trying to configure some QoS queues on a SmartRG SR516ac, and when I go to their website it redirects me to ADTran, so I figured I should start by posting here.

I'm just trying to figure out which interface to configure the queue for, as it doesn't specify whether the interface I'm selecting when setting up the queue(as shown in the image) is the interface the packets are coming in on, or the interface they will be leaving on. It does say that the queues are *egress* queues on the configuration menu("Finally, be aware these are egress queues. Generally speaking, they will not speed-up incoming traffic, and will not optimize inbound media streaming.") but it seems to be specifically referring to the fact that it will only affect prioritization on outbound streams, and not about which interface I need to select in order to have it take effect for the specific client I'm looking to enable prioritization for.

As it's an egress queue, I'm assuming that I should be selecting the egress interface(ptm0, for a DSL connection.) However, the manual for the model doesn't specify further. All it says that's relevant to interface selection is that "Queues for wireless connections (e.g., WMM Voice Priority) are shown only when wireless is enabled." Despite connecting through wireless, however, I see no wlan queues in the default configuration, and no option to configure a queue for the wireless interfaces(again, shown in the image.) I spoke to my service provider for over an hour while they looked through all the documentation available to them, but they found the documentation available to them insufficient to answer this question as well.

It seems like ptm0 should be selected, as displayed in the image, as that is the port all packets egress upon. I was hoping to get in touch with the manufacturer, but as their site redirects here, I'm not sure that is possible anymore. If anyone could provide any further clarification or insight as to which interface I need to configure a queue for in order for it to affect a client connecting to the router via wireless, I would be super grateful!

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