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Bought a pair of 4208's on the secondary market.  Have menu control over both boxes.  Both are plan A boxes, one has obviously been converted to plan B and indicates such on the status screen.  These two boxes were used together in a precious life so I am 99.99% sure they were working.  Currently have them set-up with Lcom HG4958-27EG antennas with LMR-400 Coax.  Antennas are in the yard facing each other 60 feet apart.  Each Tracer indicates sufficient RX level and RX quality.  RSSI is 3V on one box and 5V on the other.

Each tracer has "RF DOWN" lit and each tracer denies the existence of the other unit on the Status screen.

What am I missing?


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Re: TRACER 4208

So i'm guessing that "monitoring of the 'community' by Adtran engineers" is a total fabrication.  No response to my query yet.  It is a simple question and I had hoped  that someone with knowledge of this product even if it is end-of-life and no longer supported would have replied to my question.  Oh well.