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DynamicRF Mode

The admin guide states about the continuous setting of DynamicRF Mode:

"Continuous indicates the vWLAN is continuously evaluating the RF environment and modifying the AP’s RF power and channel settings as needed to achieve optimal RF performance. If an AP goes down, the neighboring APs will automatically increase their power levels to fill the coverage hole with this setting enabled. In general, you should not use continuous DynamicRF if your domain is extremely dynamic."

Can someone elaborate on exactly what the last line means "if your domain is extremely dynamic", what would be the pro's and con's of enabling the continuous feature?

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Re: DynamicRF Mode


That last line means that if your particular domain is constantly having AP's being added/removed (say in a convention center where you may have moveable walls, AP's that you relocate based on need, etc, or actually moved around like say on a cart in an educational setting, then Dynamic RF should not be turned on because it will cause too many recalculations and adjustments. Any time an AP joins or leaves, the DynamicRF feature would need to recalculate the power settings, channel settings, etc, etc for the surrounding AP's, which can be service affecting, so not a good idea to have it turned on if that's the sort of environment you have.


Ronnie Colvin

Adtran Applications Engineering