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Roles with the same name for different locations/location groups

I'm interested in setting different schedules for different location groups, and I know I have to create new roles in order to assign a schedule to a location group.

We currently have a role for library patrons and we use its name, PATRON, for parsing syslog entries into statistics. I created a new schedule and a new location group, but when I tried to create another PATRON role, I realized that the Role Name has to be unique.

I'd like it if roles had to be unique on a tuple of (Role Name, Location). That way we could have one schedule at locations that are open on Sundays and another schedule at locations that are not open on Sundays, but the Role Name could still be PATRON.

As it is, if we want to tie wifi operating hours to the various different schedules of our library branches, I'll have to create multiple roles for patrons, multiple roles for staff, etc. -- which will crowd the pie charts on our dashboard and entail rewriting some of the code that we use for parsing syslog entries.

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