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Hyper-V Workaround

Okay, last thread I'm aware of is from 2014. Has anyone gotten vWLAN to work under Hyper-V. It's come up again as a customer issue. When I fooled with it years ago I got vWLAN to start up under Hyper-V but no NIC support. I didn't spend a lot of time trying to figure that out, not being expert in either ESXi or Hyper-V, but I did remember hearing that someone had succeeded long ago.

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Re: Hyper-V Workaround

I would be interested to know how you managed to run it under Hyper-V at all, last time i tried results were less then spectacular. A Gen 1 VM only provides BIOS, IDE support, you can add a SCSI controller but the Hyper-V will not allow you to boot from it, if the OS does boot the scsi driver provided is not compatible with the VM. A Gen 2 VM will only boot UEFI systems, 12.04.3 can be installed in UEFI mode but vWLAN was installed in MBR mode, besides you are stuck with the SCSI controller not being compatible again. For a quick and dirty test Oracle VirtualBox will run the vWLAN VM guest, done it many times.


I do hope Hyper-V support comes along soon.

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Re: Hyper-V Workaround


Managed to get this working on Hyper v but it's some work around.

Create Windows 10 VM (Must be 20H1+)

Exposed VM to processor of host/enabled MAC address spoofing

Installed VMware Workstation (15.5.5+)

Upgraded VM to a higher version to get around the 3.5GB ram limit

Everything works no problem.