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Walled garden setup

I'm trying to configure a Walled Garden configuration using Packet Fence as a NAC / Captive Portal and a vWLAN   I've been following the documentation but can't even get to the point where the clients are issued an IP address in unregistered role, let along redirected to the captive portal URL.   The documentation seems precise but is actually missing key points as to how this is supposed to work.  ie. where client are supposed to get their addresses.


1. Is the location network (which according to the documentation should be the same for both the registered and unregistered roll) a "real" network (ie. one that appears in all router and switch route tables) or one that appears just in the Bluesocket (i.e. like the built-in NAC location)  

2. In this scenario, what actually issues the DHCP addresses in both registered and unregistered state?  The vWLAN ?  An external DHCP server (ie. the one in Packet Fence)?  If so, the documentation doesn't show allowing DHCP traffic, just DNS.    Without such an allow rule how is possible to have an external DHCP server?


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