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ADTRAN Custom Extended Services (ACES)

ADTRAN Custom Extended Services (ACES)

ADTRAN standard warranty

The standard warranty period for Enterprise Network items manufactured by ADTRAN for use in the United States or Canada is five (5) years. The exceptions to the 5-year U.S. and Canada Enterprise Networks Equipment Warranty Period are as follows:

  1. Total Access 600, 750, 850, and 900(e) products: ten (10) years.
  2. ADTRAN 7XX and Polycom SoundPoint IP Telephones: one (1) year.
  3. NetVanta 1234(PoE), NetVanta 1238(PoE), and NetVanta 1534(PoE) Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Please see Warranty Information page for more detailed information on hardware and software support per product line.

General Repair and Return Procedure:

ACES Coverage:

ACES (ADTRAN Custom Extended Services) is a flexible installation and maintenance service program designed to protect your network from unnecessary downtime. With ACES protection, if something goes wrong with the ADTRAN equipment, you get the level of support you require.

If you need help with a solution or other sales support, please call the ACES Help Desk at 888-874-ACES or Click Here to contact an ACES Sales Representative.

ACES’ offers either Next Business Day (NBD) or 4 hour delivery of replacement of parts.

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