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Community Basics

Community Basics

How does a community work?
This community provides a place for members to search for information, read discussions, post questions, and learn from each other. Anonymous visitors can browse or search the community for information. Registered members can post questions, add comments, track discussions, rate content, sign-up for e-mail notifications, and earn rewards based upon our points and ranking system. It is also important to note that there is some content that is restricted to verified members and registration is required for viewing.


What is my role in the community?
Everyone is essential to the community. Even if all you ever do is search for information, you are contributing to the success of the community. We encourage you visit often and participate.
  • Ask it. No matter how tough or easy the question.
  • Share it. If you know the answer or have a tip.
  • Rate it. Whether the information you find is good or not, rating it helps everyone.

Please remember to thank community members who have helped you. You can show your appreciation by marking posts as being correct or helpful and by posting thank-you replies.

Are there any guidelines for community member responsibilities?
We want everyone to have a positive experience. Be sure to read the ADTRAN Community Code and the community's Terms and Conditions.
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