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What's New?

What's New?


Why did the site change?

Take a moment to watch our Getting Started Video to familiarize yourself with the new community!

Why did the site change?

The platform on which our previous support community was based has announced its end-of-life at the end of 2020.  It will no longer be supported. 

What is new on the new platform?

The new platform has many of the same features and benefits as the old site.  We have added a space called “My Customer Dashboard” where you will see links to content or portals to which your company has been granted access. This is the place to look for customized documentation, discussion areas, even pricing information that is kept private to your company and appropriate ADTRAN personnel. Likewise, we have made some changes so that it is easier to navigate directly to official technical documents and guides, or to discussions or articles about products, depending on your preference.

Will my login still work?

Log in using the My ADTRAN button at the top right of the homepage, then click Login, if you already have a login.  Your username and avatar will be the same.

What if I don’t have a login?

Use the My ADTRAN button at the top right of the homepage, then click Register.

What if I don’t remember my login?

Use the My ADTRAN button at the top right of the homepage, then click Forgot Password.

What if I don’t remember the email I used for this site?

You should always use your company-issued email address to ensure you are connected with any content related to your company, or your company’s product purchases from ADTRAN.  If you still aren’t sure, just attempt to register again.

How do I find what I need?

We have organized the content into types. Documents, Discussions, Software, Tools & Calculators, Product Notices, and Videos are all major categories of content. If you are looking for official documentation and manuals, start in Documentation. If you are looking for articles written by support or troubleshooting videos, look in Discussions. The related Documentation content for any product grouping will have a link on the page to the Discussion content for that group, and vice versa – so either way you search, you will find the related content. Also, the search bar at the top of the page searches everything. For content specifically written for your company, if applicable, start in My Customer Dashboard and find content organized by product group.

How do I set up notifications?

If you want to know when content is updated or added, simply click the Subscribe button at the top right of that content group.

What happens to my existing notifications?

Your existing notifications are not migrated. You will need to set up new notifications in the new site. Think of it as spring cleaning for your email box!

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