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Community Code

Community Code

Welcome to the ADTRAN Support community!

Below is a short list of guidelines for community interactions. Material deemed sensitive or inappropriate will be removed. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

  • Remember that we are here to help you and happy to do so. If you need help or are unsure about something, ask. We have a Feedback section dedicated for questions about how to use the community and giving suggestions for improvement.
  • Be a valued member of the community.
    • Keep it relevant. Before posting, make sure that you are posting in the best space available and that the question or response is on-topic and appropriate for the community. Doing so benefits everyone.
    • Keep it respectful. Everyone wants a positive experience. Be mindful of the others. Refrain from using harsh or inappropriate language, pictures, and avatars.
    • Be yourself. Being anonymous or using a screen name that protects your real identity is acceptable. However, pretending to be someone else (moderator, member, etc...) is unacceptable and violates community trust.
    • Help others. If you have learned something that others can benefit from, we encourage you to share it.
    • No commercial activity, spamming, or soliciting. This is a support community.
  • Be careful.
    • Don't over-share. If you are sharing a configuration make sure to remove any sensitive information like usernames, passwords, and IP addresses.
    • Don't share confidential information with others through the community. Not even through direct messaging.
    • Think before you post. Take a minute to re-read anything before you post it. Make sure it falls within the community guidelines and terms of use.

Search first, ask openly, share what you know, and think carefully before you post.

The success of our community depends upon members like you!


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