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Adtran IP 706 Dial Plan

I am using an Adtran 706 with a FreePBX Voip server. I can call the phone from any of my other phones and the phone rings and functions as it should. However when trying to call any extension from the phone I can't get it to dial out. I for example try to dial extension 705. When I press the speakerphone button I get a dial tone and dial 705, the phone just sits there. I try from no dial tone. I type in the extension I want to call in this case 705. I press the dial soft key. Now the phone shortens the number I just typed to 7. And again I am left sitting waiting.

I have tried to change my dial plan settings from the web interface with no luck. I know the phone is working with PBX because it is able to receive calls just fine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated here. Thank you much

A look at my current Dial plan settings.


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Re: Adtran IP 706 Dial Plan

Matthew, have you tried adding 7XX to the dial plan? It should be noted that the IP7XX phones have only been tested to work with ADTRAN PBX products. Thanks