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IP712 and Netvanta 7060: forwarded voicemails do not trigger email alert

We are running Adtran VOIP IP712 phones on a Netvanta 7060 PBX.


When an internal user forwards a voicemail to another user, that voicemail goes into the recipient's voicemail box, but no emails will trigger to send to the email address of the user to alert them a new voicemail is in their voicemailbox.


For example, Joe Blow has a voicemail in his mailbox. He forwards that voicemail to Mary Sue (internal user). She receives that voicemail in her phone's voicemailbox and gets the blue alert light, but she never receives an email alert with that voicemail, even though she has that setting turned on).


This email alert feature DOES work when a caller leaves voicemail in the recipient's voicemailbox (ex: Joe Blow calls Mary Sue, leaves her a voicemail, Mary Sue receives an email saying she has a voicemail and that email has a .wav file attachment).


Any ideas? I was able to replicate this behavior with multiple phones. I was unable to find any settings in the phone managers or the Netvanta 7060 that specifically deal with forwarded voicemails (it's all just called voicemails, apparently).

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