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Using a Plantronics M22 on a 706 Phone

A customer is using Plantronics M22 headset amplifiers on their 706 phones plugged into the headset jack. On incoming calls, from station to station or outside when they press the headset button to answer the call, the headset button lights up and the phone answers the call. They can hear the caller, but the caller cannot hear them. This is an intermittent problem which has been happening for a long time. The 7100 is at version A5.02.00.E and the 706 phones are version 2.4.1 . They do not have a problem on outgoing calls. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, have you found a resolution? Only thing I have found so far is the Headset Compatibility Matrix.

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Re: Using a Plantronics M22 on a 706 Phone


Were you ever able to resolve this issue?  If so, please come back to this thread to provide an update. The model of the headset attached to the M22 amplifier should be verified on the IP Phone Wired Headset Compatibility Matrix.  As long as it is listed there it should be supported.  This problem could very well not be related to the headset.  If it is intermittent the best approach is to get a Enabling Persistent Debug Logging.