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MX2820 Releases

**Please note that these products are EOL and no longer supported by Adtran. All software downloads/installations/upgrades are at the customer's own risk.**


The following are the software files associated with the latest MX2820 release.

Name Software Version Download Hash
MX2820 M13 Module L1 and F1 F05 Software SHA256: 8A8B1EE487C187859D040C68D1B69C4A38F8873FE9E99F61FA8127F3A4CF7109
MX2820 M13 MUX L1 and F1 F04 Software SHA256: E73FB57EBEF7917D2CD3A88C05A216104FEAB29B0B9D50904738A9E1B15CA221
MX2820 M13 MUX L3 and F3 A03 Software SHA256: 1A7F7035A138D5C172D7E295B46D0A7213CF508523DA0610C87F49A5B0E1FCB8
MX2820 SCU F05 Software SHA256: EC2974F4266C1A283AB3C552F4D28B9ECA77DF92416FC9A460993AE176C56187
MX2820 STS-1 MUX C03 Software SHA256: 736137881C9958FC302EE7B4098DCD15B3AB8C88E98ECD2399983E8D4F0F940C
MX2820 Clock Card A04 Software SHA256: FBBE7B71D5BEE82290C704620FBFB5B25E98AC1D79B6A7B93D2E67ED484D92EB

MX2820 Archived Releases

There are no archived versions of this software.

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