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MX2820 Current Releases

MX2820 Releases

The following are the software files associated with the latest MX2820 release.

Name Software Version Download Hash
MX2820 M13 Module L1 and F1 F05 Software SHA256: 8A8B1EE487C187859D040C68D1B69C4A38F8873FE9E99F61FA8127F3A4CF7109
MX2820 M13 MUX L1 and F1 F04 Software SHA256: E73FB57EBEF7917D2CD3A88C05A216104FEAB29B0B9D50904738A9E1B15CA221
MX2820 M13 MUX L3 and F3 A03 Software SHA256: 1A7F7035A138D5C172D7E295B46D0A7213CF508523DA0610C87F49A5B0E1FCB8
MX2820 SCU F05 Software SHA256: EC2974F4266C1A283AB3C552F4D28B9ECA77DF92416FC9A460993AE176C56187
MX2820 STS-1 MUX C03 Software SHA256: 736137881C9958FC302EE7B4098DCD15B3AB8C88E98ECD2399983E8D4F0F940C
MX2820 Clock Card A04 Software SHA256: FBBE7B71D5BEE82290C704620FBFB5B25E98AC1D79B6A7B93D2E67ED484D92EB

MX2820 Archived Releases

There are no archived versions of this software.

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