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Mosaic Cloud Platform Snapshot (Backup)

The following video describes the Mosaic Cloud Platform Snapshot and how to use it to backup Mosaic CP. A copy/paste version of the snapshot commands used in this backup process and a Mosaic Cloud Platform backup command transcript are available below the video. 


Copy/Paste Commands (in order) for Mosaic Cloud Platform Backup Command Transcript

mcp-snapshot snapshot 

Mosaic Cloud Platform Backup Command Transcript

[root@host-10-255-68-221 ~]# mcp-snapshot snapshot
Please ensure that the encryption keys for this system have also been backed up. These keys can be used to decrypt the
contents of your snapshot. They should be stored in a well-trusted and secure location separate from the snapshot
itself. They will be needed when restoring this snapshot in the future.These keys are located in /opt/adtran/config/keys and should be restored to that location on the target system before
restoring this snapshot in the future.Snapshot Storage Directory: /root/snapshots
Generating snapshot with id '91d4b3c8-903b-480d-b2c5-20342c31c52c' ...
Snapshot '91d4b3c8-903b-480d-b2c5-20342c31c52c' completed successfully.
Type              Count
----------------- -----------------
Bundle            0
Interface         24
Server            1
Event             1281
Subscriber        0
Content Provider  2
Device            13
Job               1
Profile           67
Service           7
Group             1
Data Center       0
User              3
Credential        1
Profile Vector    17
Management Domain 2

NOTE: The rooted-device is not backed up or restored by snapshot. As a result, the count of devices will be one less that what appears in the Web UI. 


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