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FCC/NPT testing (Network Performance Testing) Help Page

FCC/NPT testing (Network Performance Testing) Help Page

In this article...

  1. Adtran Product Offerings for FCC Testing
    1. Network Performance Test (NPT)
    2. Speed Test Server Access
    3. ADTRAN Managed FCC Testing (Testing, Maintenance, and Submittal) 
  2. Network Performance Test Documentation
  3. Network Performance Test FAQs
    1. What firmware should my CPEs be on for NPT?
    2. How do I know if my Device Manager Plug-ins need updating? 
  4. FCC FAQs
  5. Troubleshooting Network Performance Test
  6. Contacting ADTRAN Product Support


Important Note: If using an SR400 on SmartOS for FCC testing, please see this notice of a workaround for a testing issue causing missing reports. You will also need to see the HUBB Validation change notice for details on firmware versions needed to realize those fixes.

ADTRAN Product Offerings for FCC Testing


ADTRAN offers a variety of tools and services to address your FCC testing needs:


1. Network Performance Test (NPT)


Network Performance Test (NPT) is a TR-143 based solution that enables providers to test their service delivery speeds (upload, download and latency) via Mosaic Device Manager using CPE devices deployed with the properly equipped firmware. This feature is fully compliant with FCC requirements including Connected America Fund (CAF) and ACAM program testing but has been expanded to encompass the general purposes of network performance testing.

It is this offering that is primarily discussed in this article, however, an alternative "Managed Service" offering is also briefly described below.


2. Speed Test Server Access


Testing infrastructure must be in place for conducting upload and download tests using Mosaic Device Manager's NPT feature. ADTRAN offers test servers as a subscription service or you can set up your own servers. Please contact your ADTRAN Sales representative to inquire about the subscription service part numbers below.

P/N Description
1905SPTSSETUPL1 Initial one-time setup fee
1905SPTSTSRVCL1 Annual speed test server fee


If you would like to build and maintain your own testing infrastructure, please see test server infrastructure requirements discussed here.

If you have just purchased a subscription to this service, begin here to learn about using the NPT feature of your Device Manager system.


3. ADTRAN Managed FCC Testing (Testing, Maintenance, and Submittal)


ADTRAN offers Speed and Latency Test Managed Services (hereinafter, the “Managed Services”) to perform Connect America Fund (CAF) speed and latency testing on ADTRAN products only to assess compliance with the broadband performance requirements of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) associated with CAF (and similar FCC programs) support. The Managed Services provide Customers with a “turnkey” network performance testing solution that is compliant with FCC speed and latency requirements imposed in connection with support provided under Connect America Fund, WC Docket No. 10-90, including, without limitation, the testing requirements described in the Order (DA 18-710, 33 FCC Rcd 6509), released July 6, 2018, and the Order on Reconsideration (FCC 19-104), released Oct. 31, 2019 (collectively, as they may be modified, by the FCC, from time to time during the term of this Agreement, the “Test Requirements”).

The Managed Services include the performance by ADTRAN of functions related to setting up and administering FCC CAF compliance testing, including results data management and FCC performance report generation and formatting.


CAF Speed and Latency Test Managed Services

The Managed Services will comply with the Test Requirement and include the following tasks to be completed by ADTRAN: 

  • Configuration of ADTRAN's Mosaic Device Manager software to access selected speed-test server location.
  • Creation of test schedules for each test area and associated speed tier.
  • With support from the Customer, ADTRAN will test the end-point devices selected by the Universal Service Administrative Company (“USAC”) in accordance with all applicable Test Requirements.
  • Scheduling and performing CAF broadband speed and latency performance tests for required end-point devices based on funded network size requirements in accordance with applicable Test Requirements on a schedule mutually agreed with the Customer.
  • Upon completion of tests, ADTRAN will collect raw results data files from CPE.
  • Storing and providing Customer access to raw results files for all historical test runs. Stored results will be accessible to the Customer for download and storage within one week following each test, and shall remain available from ADTRAN during the term of this Agreement.
  • Generation of required test performance reports in the format defined by the FCC or USAC.
  • Delivery of the completed reports to the Customer for submission to the FCC.
  • Providing prompt notification emails of any failed test such as: failed to run, performance results outside of FCC passing range, loss of scheduled CPE or similar. (Notification may be provided via email or via dashboard access). Following Customer’s request for a quote and the delivery of a purchase order by Customer, provide compliance support throughout the Audit Period in connection with reporting and auditing of test results.


Network Performance Test (NPT) Documentation


Mosaic Device Manager's "Network Performance Test" (NPT) feature provides all the tools you'll need to collect and report the data required by the FCC. Mosaic Device Manager's online help system is accessible directly from the Device Manager application by selecting from the many "?" help icons found throughout the platform. Below are links directly to the articles related to Network Performance Testing.

Preparation for Network Performance Testing

Don't miss the video tutorials found at the end of each article. They augment the written materials, help to explain terminology and provide a walk-through of how to set up and conduct network performance tests.

How to run a Network Performance Test

Here you'll find a detailed, step-by-step description for conducting tests on individual devices as well as Bulk Operation driven tests for multiple CPE devices.

Webinar recording

This training event was conducted live on June 3rd, 2021 and is a very comprehensive and informative class on the use of Mosaic Device Manager for FCC Testing. It is now available for playback at Adtran University.  Use your login to access this resource.

NOTE: You may need to click this link a second time after logging in to Adtran University. 


Network Performance Test FAQs


What firmware should my CPEs be on for NPT?

SR3XX, SR5XX, and SR700AC (Broadcom chipset devices) run different firmware than the SR400AC (SmartOS CPE devices). The minimum and recommended firmware information for both types is maintained at the Network Performance Test - Preparation article in the Compatible Firmware table.


What version of Device Manager should I be running?

The NPT feature requires Mosaic Device Manager v10.5.0.2 minimum. If your plugins or instance need to be upgraded, please open a case requesting this with Product Support. See contact information at the bottom of this article.


How do I know if my Device Manager Plug-ins need updating?

When you procure a firmware update from Adtran in support of the devices you're managing with Device Manager, it is best practice to contact ADTRAN's Product Support team* to confirm whether new plug-ins to your Device Manager instance are also required. 

*Contact information can be found at the bottom of this article



The Universal Service Administrative Co. (USAC) administers the Universal Service Fund under the direction of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The web site offers a wealth of High Cost Universal Broadband (HUBB) related FAQs and other helpful articles. There you'll find topics of study including rules and requirements for their various programs, data submission specifications and much more.

Also, check this page regularly to view the latest webinar recording from USAC to prepare you for a successful HUBB filing of your test data.

The site provides regularly updated information regarding their various programs and their requirements. ADTRAN recommends, visiting their site often to stay abreast of changes to existing programs and requirements, announcements regarding new programs and more. We also strongly urge you to confirm you are subscribed to the HUBB portal email distribution list. 

Your subscription to the HUBB portal begins here.

Troubleshooting Network Performance Test

A comprehensive article on troubleshooting common issues with FCC Testing is available in another article here on the ADTRAN Support Community.

Visit the troubleshooting article here.

Still Having Trouble?

Open a ticket with ADTRAN Product Support:

  • Call 888-423-8726 and provide your product and a serial number and/or service plan.
  • Open a ticket via web at
  • You'll find a thorough tutorial (including video walk-through) for opening an ADTRAN support case here.
  • For best results, please put "FCC testing" in the subject of your ticket.



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