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Navigating Mosaic Cloud Platform

Maybe it is staring me in the face but is there anywhere in Mosaic Cloud Platform where the time an ONT loses connection to the OLT is logged. I haven't been able to find it in Events under the ONT or OLT. I can sort of find the window it went down by searching through the 15-min interval history under Ethernet UNI Statistics for the ONT and I was also expecting to see something similar under optical too but while it is making 15-min optical logs nothing is filled out except for the time stamp. That could be its own problem but not what I'm asking about today. Is there anywhere that says "Offline since ..." or "offline for ...  hours" or something like that. It would make diagnosing fiber cuts a lot more easier since it is highly unlikely that a cut would occur in the middle of the night or outside of normal construction hours.

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Re: Navigating Mosaic Cloud Platform

I know this is late for your query , but perhaps it will help someone else.


In CSR,  search device by serial number when a device is offline, locate ONU will show the last uptime from the OLT.




(Don't expect much from my answers, I'm still learning too)